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Charity Bicycle Building

Bikes are powerful symbols in a child’s life. They represent freedom and independence. During this high energy competition you’ll build bicycles for kids in the local community.

Outrigger Canoe Racing

Compete in and learn the history of this ancient Hawaiian paddle sport for your next outing. You’ll learn the meaning of wa’a and ohana as your crew finds their timing in fierce head to head paddle battles.

Meeting & Networking Icebreakers

Nobody likes an awkward social scene. Let us break the ice and energize your crowd. We’ll up their dose of oxytocin and adrenaline while creating easy ways to connect with coworkers or other attendees.

Team Graffiti

NO ARTISTIC SKILL REQUIRED: Under the direction of world class artists you’ll pick up cans of spray paint and create a masterpiece on canvas. This big color event is about big picture thinking.

Scavenger Hunts

A high octane blend of Amazing Race, Survivor, and a traditional scavenger hunt. Teams race to take photos and complete checkpoints in this hilarious competition.

Lip Sync Competition

Inspired by Jimmy Fallon and the TV show Lip Sync Battle, we’ve created our own version. Teams choose a song, create their routine and fake sing their hearts out to the judges.

Future Heroes

Turn local children into super heroes with our super hero supply kits. Your team will build shields, create a code book, and more to inspire and uplift

Minute To Win It

Compete in this hilarious gameshow madhouse that will have your team laughing outloud. Based on the tv show Minute To Win It we’ve put a team spin on it for your next meeting.

Dodgeball Battle

Throw on your best 80’s gear and get ready to dodge balls! It’s a fast and furious way to have fun and settle old scores.


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